MASI Environmental Laboratories

 Announces Acquisition of New Capabilities


MASI Labs is celebrating 30 years in the environmental laboratory industry and is pleased to announce the addition of organic analytical capabilities to its laboratory services catalog.  Over the years, MASI has been providing microbiological, trace metals and inorganic analyses to clients throughout Ohio.  The opportunity to acquire organic analytical capabilities from a lab closing in Southwest Ohio was a perfect fit for MASI.  This acquisition gives MASI in-house capabilities for all EPA compliance monitoring requirements and compliments the existing sampling, courier and reporting services.


MASIís new capabilities include:  HAA5s, TTHMs, VOCs, UV254, Carbamates, Chlorinated Acids, DBCP/EDB, Diquat, Endothall, Glyphosate, N/P Pesticides, Organohalides, PAHs-Benzo(a)pyrene, PCBs, and Pht/Adi Esters.


In addition to the regulated parameters, MASI now has Advanced Testing capabilities for Treatment Plant and Distribution System evaluations.  These new capabilities include:  Formation Potential testing, Taste & Odor (MIB/Geosmin) analyses, Rapid Small Scale Carbon Testing (RSSCT), Jar Testing, and UCMR2 analyses.


MASI Environmental Laboratories is a privately owned environmental laboratory dedicated to providing the highest quality analytical services to our clients.  To find out more about MASIís services,  contact us at (614) 873-4654.